Sammy Hagar

Sammy Hagar is a legendary rock star known for his talent and business ventures. Over the years, Hagar has become one of the richest Van Halen members, not because of music alone, but because of his entrepreneurial spirit.

When asked about he achieved the balance between singing and running his businesses, he revealed that he was not doing everything himself. Hagar revealed he was only the manager who decided how things run.

As a result of his great decision making, he has established and sold a multi-million company. So what is the guitarist’s net worth?

What is Sammy Hagar’s Net Worth?

Hagar is one of the richest Van Halen member. The guitarist and songwriter has a net worth of over $150 million, thanks to his long career and business ventures.

While Hagar is one of the richest members of Van Halen, he has gained some of his net worth from business ventures. The star marketed a line of premium tequila named Cabo Wabo, which became one of the most loved a few years later.

He also owned a nightclub and restaurant named Cabo Wabo Cantina, which the artist used during one of his Birthday Bash. After finding success in running such ventures, he went on to open such businesses in various locations. He revealed that he donated all the profits of some of the ventures into local charities.

In 2007, Hagar sold 80% of Cabo Wabo tequila company for $80 million. In 2009, he sold the remaining shares for $15 million. Although he co-owned the company, he took home most of the money because he was the owned the larger share.

What is Sammy Hagar’s Net Worth

Early Life

Sammy Hagar was born in October 13, 1947 as Samuel Roy Hagar. Shortly after he was born, his family relocated to Southern California, where his father was to start working at a steel mill.

As a teenager, Sammy began getting interested in music. At 14 years, Hagar started his first band, Fabulous Castiles. After Hagar graduated from high school, he joined the Johnny Forune Band as guitarist and vocalist. At the same time, he joined other bands.

Music Career

Hagar began singing as a teenager. However, he got his big break in the industry, when he was singing with the Montrose band. However, he stayed with the band shortly and began working on a solo career.

Soon after he became recognized as the Red Rocker, he was approached by Eddie Van Halen and Alex Van Halen to work with the Van Halen band, as the lead singer. The band released four albums which became chart-topping.

During Hagar’s time in the band, it released nine singles which became hits, topping in the charts. Despite the band’s huge success, tensions in the band made it to disband. Hagar would go on to form another band with some of Van Halen’s members.

Hagar rejoined with Van Halem band in 2003, and they released one of the greatest hit collections. Later they started a world tour alongside Hagar, but it did not last for long as old tensions resurfaced during the tour.